About MPower Theater
Social Justice Theater: Awareness, Advocacy, Activism and Ally Development
In March 2015, MPower's Director and Founder, was approached after co-directing a successful production of "The Vagina Monologues" to a sold out opening at UW-Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI to direct "Pocketbook Diaries." "Pocketbook Diaries" was inspired by Sharon McGhee's "Pocketbook Monologues" and included many works of local artists and a huge cast first time actress/activists."

The Body and Soul Healing Arts Center offered a venue for MPower's  production and we decided to donate 50% of the proceeds to the women and children's programming there. We opened to a receptive audience of 150 and realized the NEED for more community theater ABOUT the community IN the communiity. We found a way through enntertainment and empowering survivors and allies  to have necessary and difficult conversations about trauma and social issues, therefore MPower Theater was born. 

MPower Theater is committed to social justice and empowering actor/activists to tell the unspoken stories and encouraging dialouge about social issues that affect the community. In less than a year, MPower Theater. has addressed issues of racial profiling, molestion, rape, domestic violence and much more. 

MPower Theater has given back to the community by donating tickets, presenting, offering acting workshops for students of all ages, and donating a portion of ticket sales to another charitable organization. Our past beneficiaries have included Operation Dream, Urban Underground, Convergence Resource Center, Carmen High School and more, 

MPower Theater is ALWAYS looking for BOOKING opportunities and  to collaborate and connect with other non profit organizations, businesses, schools and universities, and community artists. We offer workshops, public speakers, fundraisers,and performances for any size crowd
MPower Theater Pocketbook Diaries Cast